eTold - Electronic Takeoff and Landing Performance Calculator

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Last updated Oct 9, 2011

eTold is a program written to aid in the calculation of the takeoff and landing peformance of jets. All data and information contained in the program come from the Airplane Information Manual. However, the FAA has not approved this program, and I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the data results of this program. The pilot in command is still responsible for validating the data calculations.

For non-aviation types who are interested in an understanding of the importance of performance calculations, see this explanation.


The installed program has very abbreviated help. The web has a more extensive help file.


The program supports a number of different aircraft on a number of different target platforms. See the downloads page for supported configurations and downloading various install kits.

etold may be downloaded for free and run, except that the maximum gross weight will be significantly limited. All other features of the program will be functional so you can try before you buy.

To remove the gross weight limitation, contact with the number that is displayed in the screen in the dialog window on startup. You will receive a response key to be entered into the Preferences window. Keep this key, you may need it if you remove and reinstall, or install on a replacement phone or system.


etold is licensed to be run by one person for one jet type.

About the Author

Paul Kinzelman has been flying since 1976, but frittered his time away on a career in computers for 25+ years working for Digital, Tandem, Compaq, and a few start-ups. He started flying for income in 2005, first carting UPS boxes around in C-402s, and is now flying co-pilot in a Lear Jet Air Ambulance.

More detailed information is on his web page.